Month: August 2013

Finishing Well

I was at a new client’s house yesterday inspecting the finishing touches on a pond that we had just installed in his back yard. It was a beautiful pond designed to look very natural with aspen and native plantings surrounding a brook that cascaded down through wild flowers finally spilling out into a wonderful pond…. continue reading »

Ash Borers

In the Casper area, the Ash Borers attack green or white Ash trees, European Mountain Ash, and Lilacs. The larvae bore into the wood of the host plant, creating holes in the trunk and main crotch area leading to swelling and cracking of the bark. Die-back of specific branches are then observed mid-summer or the… continue reading »

August Water

I am always amazed at how hot and dry the summers are here in Casper. People are continually calling our irrigation specialists wondering why their lawns have “brown spots.” Last year in August it was so hot and windy that the leaves of some trees were actually scorching, drying, and falling off because they couldn’t… continue reading »


Cankers are a fungus disease caused by a number of different pathogens and attack many varieties of trees; the following are general diagnosis and treatment practices. SYMPTOMS The disease is not usually conspicuous at first but once it gets started it first kills scattered twigs and then proceeds rapidly. Cankers form in all sizes and… continue reading »