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Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

I spend most of my days here in Casper finding ways to help poorly planned landscapes. We come in after the fact and retro-fit five-year-old irrigation systems watering capabilities to the maximum because the builder never thought of watering the trees outside of the lawn, and now those trees are struggling to live without much… continue reading »

If A Dead Tree Falls In The Forest…

The city of Casper estimated that tens of thousands of trees died because of the record-breaking freeze that occurred on November 13, 2014. Elm trees appeared to have suffered the worst, but many other species of trees were also severely damaged. Thousands of these damaged trees are still standing throughout the city and now is… continue reading »

Year of the Bug

Well, we made it through a wet spring without seeing an outbreak of leaf blights in our landscapes. These blights are caused by various fungal pathogens that thrive in the cool May weather. Now that Summer is here, temperatures will become consistently warmer, and these blights will no longer be able to attack your landscape… continue reading »

Important Evergreen Tree Health Notes for Casper 2015

The evergreen trees and shrubs throughout Casper were severely damaged on November 9-13, 2014 when the temperature dropped from 60 degrees to 27 degrees below zero. The evergreens were not entirely dormant due to the warm temperatures when this weather event occurred, thereby causing the needles to freeze and die. You may have noticed these… continue reading »

Beginning Well…

May is a month that brings complete uncertainty and the utter scrambling of our emotions as winter loses its battle to the sunshine of spring. The apple trees are blooming and the aroma of lilac and honeysuckle delight our senses, reminding us that this Wyoming of ours is the most beautiful place on earth during… continue reading »


The tulips are in full bloom. The apple trees are in their long awaited splendor of pink and white “cotton candy” colored bloom. You take every opportunity to go outside in between the rain and snow showers that roar through, but end so quickly as the cold temperatures succumb to the bright Wyoming sun. It… continue reading »

Ready, Set, Wait…… for Spring

March is the month that we all realize just how long the winters last here in Casper. We are all starving for some sunlight and standing on the brink of depression just as March comes with promises of longer days and tee shirts. Every daffodil or tulip that pushes up through a snow drifted bed… continue reading »

Will Your Trees Survive the Storm of 2013?

It was October 14, 1998 and the snow was falling hard and piling up fast. You could stand outside and see the flashes in the sky caused by failing power lines. Many of the streets were completely blockaded by downed trees. It was the most devastating storm that I had ever seen. Rodolph Brothers had… continue reading »

Surviving or Thriving?

I ran into a client the other evening while out to dinner with my family, and she told me how amazed she was at the superb growth of her trees that we had planted for her just 3 years ago. She reminded me that her back porch was all too close to the neighbor’s bay… continue reading »